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Shasta Lake and Mt. Shasta

Shasta Lake and Mt. Shasta

Aerial Ashland

ashland aerial topaz denoise ai-clear

Today’s photo comes from almost 10 years ago when I was in a private plane for the first, and only, time in my life. I’d really like to do this again someday–especially since I know so much more about photography now. And on a more low-tech note, the first thing I should have done is clean the windows!

Ashland and Talent from the air

Aerial view of Ashland and Talent, Oregon

Not the finest work I’ve done, today’s photo is from my phone out a dirty airplane window yesterday. That was my first flight in over a year and a half. Felt like finally coming back to life. Now I’m in Copenhagen and quite jet-lagged.

Anyway, back to this photo… Emigrant Lake on the top, some Almeda Fire remains and rebuilding on the bottom left.

Mt. Shasta from the MFR to SFO run

Aerial view of Mt. Shasta (June 2011)

Mt. Shasta from above

Mt. Shasta from above



Last week we flew from Medford to Salt Lake City. I’ve made that trip a number of times, although not recently, and this was the first time we went by air. The views, even though it was the middle of the day (so no sunrises or sunsets), were quite nice.

Mt. Ashland from above

mt ashland snow winter aerial

Aerial view of Mt. Ashland in winter

Today’s photo comes from our descent into Medford, Oregon on our way back from Las Vegas a couple years ago.

Aerial view of Table Rock

Table Rock

The view out the window of the plane on my way to Hawaii earlier this week.

Smoke in the west

smoke mountains aerial approach pdx

One of the reasons I enjoy teaching in Copenhagen in the summer is the weather is better than Ashland (to me anyway, I prefer 70s to 90s). The air is crisp and clean in Copenhagen, and Ashland can frequently be smoky in the summer. This year I missed Ashland’s clean air summer season and returned just in time for the smoke.

Today’s photo comes from my return flight to Portland (PDX) from Iceland (KEF). This wasn’t anywhere near Ashland, and probably not that close to Portland. It could have been Idaho or Washington. However, visibility out of PDX was horrible so the smoke was very much in Portland.

In the three + days I’ve been home Ashland has been hot and smoky (although not as bad as it can become).

Flying into MFR after near-record snow storm

flying into medford snow mfr

Snowy Medford from the air

I’ve flown into Medford dozens of times over the years (usually after dark), but two days ago, on our way back from Las Vegas (Sedona and the Grand Canyon), was the first time I’ve seen Medford look anything like this on an aerial approach.