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Throwback Thursday

Hobart Bluff

Seven years ago today…

Mother’s Day Hike on Table Rock in 2014

Six years ago today…

ranch beatty liv ellie payton

Beatty, Oregon

Happy Christmas

Today’s photo comes from 2001 (I think).

Five years ago today…

sayulita ryan ellie linda playa pasquaritos beach secluded pasqualito Carricitos

Pasquarito Beach (Mexico)

…we had an amazing beach south of Sayulita all to ourselves.

Happy Saturday

1, 2, 3...

A different year, a different season

Lake of the Woods, Oregon (August 2013)


Ranch time

Beatty, Oregon

My random, desktop image of the day is from a few years ago. We are headed to Beatty this weekend. It will be nice to get a break from Trump’s dexamethasone side effects.

COVID-19 Commencement

covid commencement topaz denoise ai-denoise

When everyone’s commencement ceremonies went virtual due to COVID-19, and all of the graduates were at home from their seven different universities anyway, we did a small commencement in North Mountain Park. Infections? Zero.

Five years ago today…

rogue river ryan ellie northwest rafting company

Rogue River

#mynwrcphoto @NWRafting