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10 years ago today…

Bike path near Bridal Veil Falls on the Columbia River Gorge

Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls

We didn’t end our bike ride at Mutnomah Falls, but our week of photos is over so I better get the most famous part of this ride in. Above is the “classic view” of the double-tiered falls, complete with the bridge you can walk on between them.

Multnomah Falls

Upper Multnomah Falls from the Benson Footbridge

Multnomah Falls

Looking down Multnomah Falls from the bridge at the lower falls and pool below

Autumn scene in the Columbia River Gorge

stairs and autumn leaves in oregon

Fall foliage near Bridal Veil Falls

Shepperd’s Dell

Shepperd's Dell

Shepperd's Dell

Next up, as you can see on the map of the Historic Columbia River Highway, was Shepperd’s Dell. Wiki says that these falls are difficult to photograph, but I beg to differ. A tripod would have been nice for several of my photos during the day, but at Shepperd’s Dell there was a great place to set my camera in order to open the shutter for a half second.

Historic Columbia River Highway

Historic Columbia River Highway

Historic Columbia River Highway

A beautiful highway to drive, it’s even better on a bike. In fact, the worst part of the Historic Columbia River Highway was the cars. I imagine it is lovely in any season, but with the leaves changing colors, late October was a great time of year to do this ride.

Latourell Falls

waterfalls oregon

Latourell Falls in the Columbia River Gorge

The first, of about eight or nine, waterfalls on our ride was Latourell Falls. I wasn’t able to include all of this waterfall’s 250 feet in the photo at 18mm from this vantage point and also include the stream the waterfall feeds. You can probably see about 180-200 feet of Latourell Falls in this picture. A wider angle lens would have been nice at times, but when you are riding a bike for 10 miles, carrying multiple lenses isn’t much of an option.

Crown Point Vista House view

A train cuts through the meadow during autumn in the Columbia River Gorge

Today’s photo is from the same location as yesterday’s pic. At 200mm and with a bit of a crop you can see that the details of the valley below are just as gorgeous as the wide-angle view.

I have marked the location of this scene with an X on the map below.

columbia river gorge map

Just to the north of this location is Rooster Rock State Park which is supposedly a nude beach. It wasn’t part of our tour. 😉

Columbia River Gorge bike ride week

view from crown point vista house

In late October we went to Portland for a couple nights. On the only whole day we had in Portland we took a Pedal Bike Tours bike ride called “Columbia River Gorge Tour” (mostly) down the Historic Columbia River Highway. While I took a few hundred photos along the way, I will spare you all but seven of those pictures over the coming week.

Our first stop on the tour was the Portland Women’s Forum, a state scenic viewpoint. However, today’s photo is from our second stop, the Crown Point Vista House.