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What does Japanese Baseball have to do with the place we are staying in Paris and the creation of this blog?

Travel Essentials~Ashland Oregon~no sales taxIn yesterday’s blog entry I may have made it sound like we found the place we will be staying in Paris completely on our own. While we may have found it on our own, the truth is that it was also recommended to us by our good friends the Bestors who own a travel store in town. So it’s not just the internet photos and descriptions we based our reservation on, and we are pretty confident we will enjoy the place. 

But the question that is probably really on your mind is what does the title of this post mean? The answer is that the very same Bestors asked me to write about an experience we had on our trip to Japan last year for their travel newsletter. I subsequently posted that article to the internet here, and wanting to do more of the same ultimately led to the creation of this blog.

Travel Essentials~Ashland Oregon~no sales taxI was in Travel Essentials last week to pick up a few items for our trip to Denmark and Paris, including the books and maps mentioned in a prior blog entry. One item I purchased really stands out so I thought I’d share. I’ve tried book lights in the past with poor results. Bob recommended the Petzl Tikka Plus LED Headlamp & Book Light for its quality and flexibility (as you can use it not just on planes and for reading in bed but also while camping, etc.). I picked one up and have been exceedingly happy with it.

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