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Botanisk Have (part 1 of 2)

The Botanical Garden in Copenhagen is perhaps the favorite park in the city for nature lovers. We were only there for a half hour or so as they were closing. It’s the only park I know of in Copenhagen with security, only one entrance, and a definite opening and closing time.

denmark nature

Everywhere you looked was teaming with loads of plant varieties. On top of the plants there were numerous other living creatures in the park. We saw cranes, various duck species, turtles, birds, carp, and more.

ryan, al, and ellie in denmark garden

denmark buildings and ponds lily pads

The above may be an image of the museum. There is a museum and a greenhouse in the park but we didn’t enter either.

mating turtles in the botanical gardens

copenhagen denmark

The views from every turn in the paths were so great that I’m going to have to turn this into a two part entry with another five photos to show you tomorrow.

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