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Real Danish Danishes (pastries)

If you’ve been reading this blog since the beginning you are probably wondering how I have gone through over forty blog entries on Denmark without mentioning Danishes (as in the pastries). Well, we didn’t ignore them even if I haven’t brought them up yet. In fact, we probably had almost one a day.

wienerbrod danish pastries copenhagen

What we in the states refer to as “Danishes” is called “wienerbrod” here. I had one before each class on campus at the Copenhagen Business School canteen that was simply divine. I never got tired of “my Danish” or tried a different variety. It was simply perfect in every way. This Danish of mine didn’t necessarily look any different from those in the states, but it tasted much better. The croissant-like edges melted in my mouth and the jam was unlike anything I’ve had before.

cookie shop in frederiksberg denmark

The above photograph is of my kids in the pastry shop just around the corner from our Frederiksberg apartment. They enjoyed the cookies as well as the pastries, and, as you can see, could become quite transfixed by the sight of them.

wienerbrod danish bread treats desserts

The shop owner, above, assembled our choices as our mouths watered in anticipation.

I miss Denmark.

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