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From Copenhagen to Paris

We are actually back from Paris already. I pre-scheduled the past 8 or so blog entries so that I wouldn’t have to spend any time blogging in Paris. Now that our European adventures are over I can turn to Paris for the next little while. I’ll have some more entries on Denmark in a few weeks. 

On our journey from Copenhagen to Paris we learned three things. First, never trust that your pre-arranged taxi will actually show up. Two, always have a backup plan. And, three, leave yourself more time than you will really need to get to the airport.

We had someone else call in Danish to reserve an early morning taxi for us. They said we were all set, but no taxi was there when scheduled. We waited 15 minutes and then I headed for a pay phone. When I finally got through the person on the other end either couldn’t hear me or they were the only person in Denmark who doesn’t speak English. (I take that back; neither of our Copenhagen taxi drivers spoke English.) We were now sweating it, but we had left plenty of cushion time. We walked to the Forum Metro station with the intent of taking the train to the airport, but along the way we hailed a cab and made it in plenty of time.

We couldn’t leave Copenhagen without some more cloud displays so Mother Nature cooperated by given us multi-layers at take off.

You can see from the above image (after enlarging it by clicking on it) that we flew on Air Berlin. Everything was great on Air Berlin but the food. The sandwiches were horrible.

South of Copenhagen the clouds broke for some nice views of the countryside. We didn’t fly direct to Paris. Hence, the plane never got that high in the sky.

These islands off of the main Denmark masses all seemed to be populated. I’m not sure which islands these are, but they may have been part of the Rago Sund near Southern Zealand.

The plane wasn’t full so Ellie’s stuffed animal, Maja, even got a seat.


This is Dusseldorf, Germany where we made our connection to Paris.

One Response to “From Copenhagen to Paris”

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    Lars Boe:

    Hi. Thanks for a very interesting blog. The islands in your picture, south of Sealand, are from left to right: North coast of Lolland, Fejö, Askö (below) and Femö (to the right). My mothers father was born in 1907 on Femö, as one of 9 children. My great-grandmother, Dora, was a beautiful blonde girl, daugther of a royal navy captain. Her marriage to a young, hard-working farmer-boy, Thorvald, was not approved of by her parents, coming from the better circles in Odense. Dora was working as a maid at the vicarage on Femö, and the first pregnancy came early and unexpected (to everybody else ;-)), and they had to marry very young. But the couple had a long and happy marriage, and the offspring now gather every 2 years for a reunion. 2 of the 9 moved to USA in the 1930’ies, and their children or grandchildren come to the reunion now and then. So yes, there is life on the small scraps of land in the sea south of Sealand.