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Blast from the past – Sanctuary

fates warning 1990 vintage

Once again, I must interrupt my Hakone pictures with something discovered upon packing for our move to Japan. I found a box with photos from the 80s and early 90s that I had taken on a crappy little camera. The picture above is of Fates Warning, a band I loved in the 80s. Once John Arch was replaced with Ray Alder (guy on the right) I lost my enthusiasm. However, I had enough interest in the other band playing on this bill to go see them in Salt Lake City back in 1990.

Jim Matheos, second from the left, was the brilliance behind the band. I could never really appreciate Alder’s voice though.

sanctuary Warrel Dane Jim Sheppard

The band I really went to see was the opening act, Sanctuary. Their two CDs were my constant companions in the late 80s and early 90s. I still listen to them once a year or so for some good memories.

Sean Blosl sanctuary vintage

The above guitarist is Lenny Rutledge. When Sanctuary turned into Nevermore he didn’t come along (like the bassist Jim Sheppard).

Warrel Dane classic sanctuary 1990 into the mirror black tour

Warrel Dane, on the other hand, is still gone strong on his own and in Nevermore. I like Nevermore and his solo stuff, but the early Sanctuary stuff is still my favorite. He has some of the best pipes in the business.

sanctuary salt lake city utah 1990 Sean Blosl

sanctuary salt lake city utah 1990 classic vintage

sanctuary live 1990 into the mirror black tour Dave Budbill

Dave Budbill is back there on drums somewhere. The club was very small and Fates Warning had all their stuff on the tiny stage too.

Tomorrow I’ll show you another gig from the same time frame.

3 Responses to “Blast from the past – Sanctuary”

  1. 1
    leif hagen:

    Wow – talk about BIG, BIG hair!! Skoi de yo!~

  2. 2
    Wade DeMordaunt:

    Warrel Dane’s intro to final song: “It is time for battle.”

  3. 3

    Enter the realm where power and melody once conquered the world