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How to get free sake


“There is an ancient dispute among the men of Tohoku as to which of the six prefectures produces the best sake. The keenest rivalry is between Akita in the west and its larger Pacific-coast neighbor, Iwate. The men of Iwate state flatly that their sake is better because their rice is better. The men of Akita counter that their sake is better because their water is better. I have studiously avoided taking sides in this dispute because I have found that, by maintaining a noncommittal silence, I have cup after cup of free sake urged upon me in an effort to elicit the judgment I shall never give. Solomon in all his glory lacked this simple wisdom, or perhaps wasn’t thirsty.”

(Alan Booth in The Roads to Sata p. 90-91)

2 Responses to “How to get free sake”

  1. 1

    Or head to a sake brewery museum, like the 10 or so in Noda, Hyogo Prefecture. Free samples!

    Beautiful picture and quote.

  2. 2
    leif hagen:

    Cheers! I envy you and your position stuck in between 2 sake rivals! Genki de ne!