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The Roads to Sata by Alan Booth

roads-to-sata In case you couldn’t tell from the quotes I’ve provided from this book, I loved The Roads to Sata. Alan Booth’s books are like really, really well done blogs long before the blog was invented. Of his two books, this one is the better. The other is certainly well worth reading though. I’m disappointed that we only have these two to read from.

If you have never been to Japan you will at the very least like this book. If you have been to, or lived in, Japan then getting a hold of this book should be next on your list of things to do today. You will laugh, smile, nod your head, and cry. The Roads to Sata is a work of art from beginning to end.

2 Responses to “The Roads to Sata by Alan Booth”

  1. 1

    Okay, I bought a copy. If I don’t laugh, smile, nod [my] head, and cry, you owe me 6 bucks.

  2. 2
    BArry Newman:

    If you don’t love this book, and his other, you deserve nothing but pity.