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Scenes in a train

tokyo metro tozai sen line japan train interior

Sometimes the trains are calm, clean escapes from the rat race outside. Such was the case on the Saturday I took the above photo on the Tokyo Tozai Metro line. But then you get a rebel rouser on board who shakes everything up…

engrish if you're awesome and you know it clap your hands

You should have heard the thunderous applause! I had to pop some earplugs in and change trains at the next stop to save my eardrums.

2 Responses to “Scenes in a train”

  1. 1
    carolyn USA:

    I really look forward to your daily posts! They bring back so many memories of my two trips to Japan…

  2. 2
    leif hagen:

    Or were they all sleeping? The English on that T-shirt made sense – not always as I remembered it back in 1989.