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Hakuba – Part 2

lake aoki aokiko hakuba nagano japan fall autumn colors koyo

I can’t imagine Lake Aoki (青木湖) being any more beautiful than it is in October. That said, October is when the fewest people are there. The lake was empty when we weren’t on it. We took a break on the banks and skipped some rocks. With no wind, the rock skipping was very successful.

hakuba aoki lake aokiko

The surface of Lake Aoki was like glass, and from our vantage point in the canoes we could see large fish in the clear water.

hakuba nagano japan ski lift fall happo-one Skifield Kokusai chairlift

We ate lunch at the bottom of the chairlift on Happo-One. The colors were great, and an occasional paraglider came over the ridge. The mountain side was covered in ススキ (Japanese pampas grass).

2 Responses to “Hakuba – Part 2”

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    leif hagen:

    My favorite place in the world – in a canoe with a friend on a beautiful lake! E desu ne!

  2. 2

    This is a great series of posts – has fully convinced me to create a special place on a Japan itinerary.