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Ueno Zoo – Part 2

ostrich emu statue zo lays egg ueno zoo tokyo japan

The above photo was a lucky shot of mine from a distance. I like the way the little Japanese girl happened to turn her head just as I was taking the picture to have nearly the same pose as the emu on whose egg she is sitting.

ueno zoo entrance pandas tokyo japan

The Ueno Zoo doesn’t have giant pandas anymore. Their giant panda died in 2009. They still have some Red Pandas.

The Ueno Zoo (上野動物園) is very old; I think it has been around for well over a hundred years.

meet gorilla face to face at ueno zoo tokyo japan

This gorilla seemed to be as intrigued by Ellie’s blonde hair as the Japanese people. He came right over to the glass for an in-your-face visit.

One Response to “Ueno Zoo – Part 2”

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    Joshua Zimmerman:

    Those are some great photos!

    Usually Zoos in Japan make me very sad, but this one didn’t seem so bad. Thanks for sharing!