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TIS Cherry Blossom Fair

tokyo international school gym

A couple weeks ago Tokyo International School held their annual Cherry Blossom Fair. I’m not sure why they call it that as the cherry blossoms are gone by then. Maybe they usually have it a week earlier and didn’t want to change the name of the event this year.

The top photo is of one of the many games. This one was called Japanese Curling. The kids were a little disappointed that there were no sweepers, but it was a popular game anyway.

yakisoba teriyaki japan

The food booths were really good. Countries (and foods) represented included Japan (pictured above), USA, Egypt, Israel, France, Germany, New Zealand, Korea, and about five others.

minatoku tokyo skyscrappers japan taiko drumming

There was a taiko performance. Koinobori (鯉幟 or carp streamers) graced the outdoor activities.

sakura cherry blossom fair 2010

A clown/comedian/juggler/entertainer who called himself “Super Gaijin” can be seen in the above photo sporting a blue hat.

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