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Kofu’s Shopping District

甲府市 銀座通り東 商店街

As previously mentioned, I wanted to see Kofu’s shopping district I was so familiar with in the late 1980s. I was hoping it hadn’t changed.

While the streets are still there, most of the buildings have been rebuilt in the past 22 years; several were even being renovated or reconstructed the day I was there. The businesses have nearly all changed.

The top picture is of Kofu’s covered shopping arcade (甲府銀座). I only recognized a couple of the shops. The roof has been replaced. I think it used to be green. Some businesses had signs boasting how long they had been there like “Established 1996” or “Serving you since 1991.” To me they were almost all brand new. I still felt nostalgic. I continue to wear a hanten (袢纏) around the house back in the states in the winter that I purchased on this street.

shopping in japan

Exiting the west part of Kofu’s Ginza puts one on Orion Street (オリオン通り). The ancient memory that sticks out the most for me on Orion Street was getting sick one day, running into a business on this street, and using my first Japanese squatter. They were common back then. I haven’t used one yet this go around (which has now passed the 8 month point) in Japan (although I had to use them every day in China last month).

yamanashi ken shopping district

Orion Street hasn’t remained the same either. The above sign notes that Orion Street is lit for the 21st Century so I’m guessing it received a major makeover in 1999.

平和通り 甲府 武田 信玄公祭り

Finally, there was good old Heiwa Doori (平和通り). I couldn’t get a good feel for it as the sidewalks were so packed with people ready for the Takeda Shingen Festival Parade to begin. I did notice that my favorite Mister Donut shop is now a Starbucks. Ugh.

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    It’s sad when things move on, isn’t it! Then again, I love renovation and I think after twenty-odd years, a place deserves a facelift. Lovely photos though, I especially like the one of the 甲府銀座; it looks like it’s going to go on forever!