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Yakuoin’s Tree Peony Flowers

botan hana shinjuku tokyo japan

Last week we took a very short bike ride to Yakuoin (薬王院) to see the blooming tree peonies (ボタン). We were not alone as it was a holiday–Showa no Hi (昭和の日). Even with the crowds, the scene was very nice. Not only were many of the peonies at their peak, but a late blooming sakura was snowing its petals on us.

botan flower tokyo japan

Yakuoin is between Takadanobaba and Shimo Ochiai Stations on the north side of Shin Mejiro Doori. For more details see A Flower Lover’s Guide to Tokyo.

薬王院 地蔵 新宿区 tree peony

The jizo had a nice view from the top of the stairs.

yakuoin red bib

See if you can spot the “living statue” in the above photo.

I’ll give you a hint; it’s in the upper left and says ニャンニャン in Japanese.

One Response to “Yakuoin’s Tree Peony Flowers”

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    I saw some peonies at Sakura Matsuri yesterday, though they were just past their peak. I had always wondered what these huge flowers were – now I know! 🙂 Are they as fleeting as the sakura?