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Led Zepagain at Loud Park 2009

Today’s photo is also my random wallpaper of the day on my PC.

Led Zepagain, a Led Zeppelin tribute band, played on the small stage (Sanctuary Stage) at Loud Park 09. There were three stages in all with the main acts switching back and forth on the two main stages. The small stage overlapped the performances on the big stages so I didn’t hang out there much. I caught just a few minutes of Led Zepagain and a few minutes of Dokken, who were playing at the same time on the big stage. Neither band did anything for me so I headed outside to explore instead.

There is, or I should say was, a fun Led Zeppelin cover band to see live, Zepparella. Alas, the all-female Zepparella broke up a few weeks after I saw them so a repeat performance of that fun evening won’t likely happen again.

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