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ebisu station tokyo japan

Something to be aware of if you visit or move to Japan is how to read the train station signs/maps. Based on the above photo (taken from the train platform at the Ebisu Station on the Yamanote Line), you can easily tell that if you are currently at the Ebisu Station and you get on a train going to the right your next station is Shibuya. Most people get that. What you don’t want to skip over is the other information available below.

Read the yellow sign before exiting or you can easily take the wrong exit which will put you going in the wrong direction, can cost you 15 minutes or more, and may get you lost altogether.

Finally, the sign to left of the yellow one will tell you what car of the train to ride in order to make your connection smoothly or end up at the correct place to easily exit at your destination station. If you have a minute or two to get to the best car before boarding, you may make a connection that you would otherwise miss, again potentially saving yourself much time.

You can’t really see the yellow “light” to the right of the main sign so here is a better view.

yebisu beer neon light sign ebisu station tokyo

These Yebisu lights line the Ebisu Station. Yebisu is one of the seven lucky gods (七福神). Japan Beer Brewery created the Yebisu label and had a big beer factory near the current Ebisu Station long before the area was known as Ebisu. The area was actually named after the beer. I don’t think much brewing actually gets done is this area of Tokyo anymore, but you can tour Beer Museum Yebisu which is a short walk from the Ebisu Station.

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