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More Ghost photos and video

ghost grf

Ghost at Getaway Rock Festival

Did you know that Ghost will be touring the US and Canada beginning next month? It’s true. Perhaps you can see them in person. The best part is that you won’t just get Ghost’s short set (they only have one CD). They are opening for my current favorite band, Enslaved. The two bands couldn’t be much more different so it will be interesting to see what people coming for Enslaved think of Ghost and what those coming for Ghost think of Enslaved.

ghost swedish band


I would love to see Ghost and Enslaved again, but considering I’ve seen them both twice now, and they aren’t playing anywhere near my location, I will not be making the road trip for these two bands this time around.

Here is a video I took of Ghost covering The Beatles’ “Here Comes The Sun”. Sorry for the poor audio on the bass. I was using auto sensitivity on my camera‘s audio, and I later learned that low sensitivity, instead of auto, works much better for loud concerts.

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