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Mt. Fuji (sort of)

mt fuji view spot kamakura

Underneath this photo/sign of Mt. Fuji it says, “On a day with good weather, this is what Mt. Fuji looks like.” The reason for such a sign is that 95%+ of the time, you can’t see Mt. Fuji from this location. Mt. Fuji is usually covered in clouds. Even when it isn’t, there is usually enough haze and humidity in the air that you can’t see Mt. Fuji from Kamakura. To improve your odds, arrive at this location just before the sun sets and you may be able to see the haze magically dissipate before your eyes and the sun set majestically behind Mt. Fuji.

Here is an earlier post of mine showing some disappointed females at this same location. That post also includes directions to finding this Mt. Fuji Viewing Platform (富士見台).

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