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Speakeasy in Gwangju

speakeasy gwangju

Gwangju’s Speakeasy

If you ever find yourself in Gwangju, you may notice that socializing can be rather difficult. This is especially true if you can’t speak Korean and are by yourself. Unlike Japan, where I can walk into any establishment and quickly make friends, Korea can be rather isolating. Menus in restaurants and bars are designed for groups, not individuals, in Korea. Seating is designed for groups. If I walked into any normal pub in Korea, there was no place for me. Nor would anyone attempt to communicate. People simply don’t go out by themselves.

I read online about Speakeasy, drew a map, and headed out. The neighborhood was a long bike ride from where I was staying on the CNU campus. However, even after finding the general area, I couldn’t find Speakeasy. Eventually I did, but it wasn’t easy. Nor was it the second or third time I visited. The streets surrounding it are a maze. Maybe if you have GPS it won’t be so bad. In any event, Speakeasy is a place you should find if you are in Gwangju.

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