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To Mega Therion

therion brutal assault christofer johnsson-denoise

Therion’s Christofer Johnsson @ 2019 Brutal Assault

@_Therion #brutalassault

Back in the 1990s I didn’t listen to, or like, much of the new music coming out. Grunge, alternative metal, nu metal, rap rock, and the like did nothing for me. Instead, for new music anyway, I turned to some of the sounds coming out of Scandinavia which included black metal and some of the heavier strains of symphonic metal. Among many other bands, I listened to exactly one of Therion’s albums, Theli.

Flash forward twenty or more years. Therion now has 16 studio albums of which I’ve heard one, and that one I haven’t listened to in close to two decades. They hit the stage of Brutal Assault and proceeded to perform the entire album that I’m familiar with! What are the odds?

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