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Russian Sukhoi Su-24

russian jets

Four Russian Sukhoi Su-24s (Fencer) during 2019 Day of the Russian Navy display (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Russia has lost at least ten of these during their invasion of Ukraine. Do these four even exist anymore?

Neva River

st petersberg russia navy ship 563-DeNoiseAI-clear

Russian Navy corvette Serpukhov

Serpukhov, a Buyan-M corvette, is part of the Baltic Fleet, or it was back in 2019 when this photo was taken. With what has happened since…

Kirovsky Zavod Station

Kirovsky Zavod saint petersburg russia metro station lenin-DeNoiseAI-low-light

Kirovsky Zavod Metro (Saint Petersburg, Russia – August 2019)

I saw several busts of Lenin when I was in Russia four years ago. This one was at the end of a station platform that fed workers into an armament manufacturing plant. Hence, weapons are shown in the reliefs.

“Esmeralda with Her Goat Djali” by Antonio Rossetti

Hermitage Museum (Saint Petersburg, Russia – July 2019)

hermitage antonio rossetti esmeralda with her goat djali description-DeNoiseAI-clear

Evidently, Esmeralda liked to run around naked and her goat liked to help her fold the laundry.

Neva River

saint petersburg russia-DeNoiseAI-clear

Saint Petersburg, Russia (July 2019)

“And you trade in his blood
Writing your history
In the sacrifices of the dead
Where is the fighting Man?
Am I he?
You would trade every truth
For hollow victories
And every empire will fall
Every monument crumble
Forgotten men who watch
Who watch the centuries” — Primordial, “Empire Falls”

Bombs Bursting in Air

russian fireworks

2019 Day of the Russian Navy Fireworks (Saint Petersburg, Russia)