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Monument to Catherine the Great

monument statue catherine great st petersburg russia

Statue of Catherine the Great (1873, St. Petersburg, Russia)

Russian Ramen

slurp ramen bar st petersburg russia-denoise

Slurp Ramen Bar (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

I didn’t go to Russia to eat ramen. I love ramen, but when in Rome… so I ate lots of (really amazingly delicious) beef stroganoff while in St. Petersburg last summer. However, there was a ramen place, Slurp Ramen Bar, near where I was staying that had excellent reviews. The price was right (about $4 or half the price of most ramen in Japan and about a third or a fourth of the price of decent ramen in the USA), and I was hungry. The verdict?

This ramen would have been really good had it been hot enough. It wasn’t even warm. I’ve had intentionally cold ramen before, but this wasn’t that either. Instead, it was somewhere between warm and cold which just didn’t work.

The first and oldest landmark in St. Petersburg

Петропавловский собор

Saint Petersburg Revisited

Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace St Petersburg russia isaac cathedral-clear

Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Today’s photo comes from last summer, a summer that ended my run of European summers at four in a row. Hopefully, things are back to normal next summer. My 2020 plans of hitting new countries like Poland, Slovenia, and Austria have been postponed for at least a year.

This photo was taken just before, or just after–I don’t remember, I had an amazing meal of beef Stroganov in its place of origin. The golden doom in the background is not part of the Four Season Hotel. Instead, it’s part of St. Isaac’s Cathedral.

Geisha with Books

geisha with books russia hokusai hermitage ai clear topazdenoise

“Geisha with Books” Hokusai

geisha with books description russia hokusai-denoise

Hermitage Museum (St. Petersburg, Russia)

To a deluxe apartment in the sky…

Moving on up

A little something I stumbled upon in Saint Petersburg, Russia five months ago.