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Akihabara against a delightful sky

akihabara blue sky storm clouds tokyo japan

This is my favorite kind of sky–a mixture of bright blue and crazy cloud action. Akihabara in Tokyo was the place.

Electric Storm Brewing over Electric Town (Akihabara)

Although this looked and felt like a storm would burst at any second, it didn’t. This was fortunate as I was on my bike and not close to home. I was in Akihabara (秋葉原), a part of Tokyo famous for its electronics.

Akihabara window display

tokyo rare toys

Akihabara may be known as the place to purchase electronics, as they have the widest selection of both the latest and most antique of all things electric, but there are also a number of stores with loads of collectibles. I found one with Bikkuriman stickers from the late 1980s, each going for unreal prices. At that moment I wish I had brought mine from the USA that I purchased in the Japan in the late 1980s. Oh well. Maybe next time.

The window display in today’s photo has some classics. Astro Boy is of course recognizable. Is that Ultra Man? Anyone know the others?