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Enoden (江ノ島電鉄) View

Enoshima Electric Railway Line Enoden  江ノ島 電鉄

Scene out the train window on the Enoshima Electric Railway Line

Between Kamakura and Enoshima you can ride an old school train with views overlooking the ocean. Today’s photo is of the other view, out the back of the train.

Sagami Bay (相模湾)

Sagami Bay is the body of water south of Kamakura. I took today’s photo from Enoshima. You can’t really see Kamakura in this picture. The land on the other side of the bay from this angle is probably the city of Zushi.

On a different day, at night actually, I took a photo from a nearby location (looking in a slightly more northerly direction) of fireworks being launched from Kamakura.

Iwayabashi (岩屋橋) on Enoshima (江ノ島)

I have previously posted several photos from this bridge, most recently this one. I’m guessing that it is rare to see it this empty. During Golden Week or on a weekend I’m sure this bridge is loaded with Japanese tourists enjoying the view. For best results arrive before sunset on a weekday (not a holiday) with decent weather to be treated to one of the best views of Mt. Fuji.

Moment of zen

My random desktop image today of Mt. Fuji takes my mind back to the day I took this photo. A wonderful sensation…

Mt. Fuji and the fisherman

enoshima japan fishing

Some days Mt. Fuji is there for the seeing but it can’t be seen. The humidity and brightness of the sun turn the sky and everything in the distance more or less white. On those days, as the sun drops Fuji San makes its appearance. I think this fisherman was too busy to notice.

Yukata-clad Japanese girl carrying a Pikachu purse on the Enoshima Electric Railway

scene from a japanese train

As the day (to be capped by fireworks in the evening) wore on in the Kamakura area, more people could be seen wearing traditional summer yukata, just like the people in the ad poster. This scene took place on the Enoshima Electric Railway Line (Enoden or 江ノ島電鉄). I really like this line as you spend part of it going right down the middle of the street in a cute neighborhood and another part going along the beach (with a great view of the Pacific Ocean and Enoshima).