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Ellie’s Birthday Party girls

The only things you can count on in Japan are surprises. Ellie had her 12th birthday party a couple Saturdays ago at Yoyogi Park. It wasn’t a surprise party. Ellie invited 8 friends (from 6 different countries), and the party went off as planned.

Near the end a Japanese guy came up to the group and asked me if I spoke Japanese. He explained that he runs a website,, which is sort of like itunes, and would like to know if the girls would be willing to have their photos on the website for free t-shirts. Of course the aspiring models were willing.

yoyogi park girls tshirts itunes tokyo harajuku japan

Harajuku Wedding

Two weeks ago we set off for Togo Shrine (東郷神社) in Harajuku to check out the flea market. This Tokyo flea market was supposed to take place on the first and fourth Sundays of every month. As we approached we knew something was wrong as the place was nearly empty. A small sign (in Japanese) said the flea market had been discontinued as of the beginning of 2010.

As we were leaving, though, we spotted this wedding party.

Mom, or perhaps mother-in-law, had some last pieces of advice for the bride.

They made their way up the stairs and into Togo Jinja…

…where their wedding took place moments later.

Sunset behind Yoyogi National Gymnasium (国立代々木競技場)

yoyogi national gym sunset tokyo japan

Meiji Jingu is to the right. Yoyogi Park is just past the trees. I don’t think this shot would have come out as well with my TZ7. I used my LX3 for this one.

Omotesando evening sightings

kiddy land omotesando harajuku tokyo japan night photography

Omotesando in Harajuku was quite beautiful in the morning on the last week of November. Few people were around, which is quite different from the norm. The trees were full of autumn color, and everything was generally “picture perfect.” However, I didn’t have my camera with me.

The next evening we visited again, this time with camera in hand. Lights were on the trees but they wouldn’t be turned on until the first Monday in December. Kiddy Land was tripped out for Christmas.

louis vittone harajuku omotesando tokyo japan

I spotted these two foreigners pretending to shop at Louis Vuitton.

wedding bridge groom omotesando harajuku tokyo japan

And a wedding took place on Omotesando on this evening as well… You never know exactly what you will see on this street.

Every day is Halloween in Harajuku

harajuku ninja dude tokyo japan halloween

While most Japanese don’t really dress up for Halloween or go trick-or-treating like people do in the states, some dress up whenever they go to Harajuku. Today’s photos were not taken on Halloween or at Halloween parties. These pictures are of typical Harajuku wear (cosplay or costume play).

harajuku dude naruto headband japan cosplay

harajuku cosplay girls tokyo japan

Harajuku – Part 1

harajuku's takeshita street on a sunday

竹下通り in 原宿 on a Sunday is interesting to see once. I can’t imagine wanting to ever walk down it again though–at least not in the heat and humidity that we encountered on this day.

birkenstock harajuku japan  tokyo

You can pretty much point your camera in any direction while in Harajuku and be able to photograph something interesting.

harajuku tokyo japan blimp

I pointed mine at the sky and a blimp flew by.

We picked up Maya’s birthday present in Harajuku at a place called Kiddy Land. I asked Maya if she went to Harajuku (or Shinjuku or Takadanobaba) much. She said she hopes to go there someday which surprised me. We go through Harajuku nearly daily as foreigners living in Tokyo, yet a Tokyo native who lives 20 minutes to the east has never been there. Sure she is only 11, but it reminded me that we frequently miss the things in our own backyard.

As a kid who grew up just across the bay from San Francisco I remember thinking how rarely we ever went to San Francisco.