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Nikko’s Toshogu (東照宮)

Toshogu (東照宮) – Nikko, Japan

Toshogu (東照宮)
Nikko, Japan

Toshogu (東照宮) – Nikko, Japan

toshogu nikko japan famous shrine

Snowy Toshogu in Nikko

snow japan scene winter lanterns

Kegs of whiskey at Japanese shrine

japan whisky japanese whiskey yamazaki robert brown gotemba kirin

Barrels of sake are quite common at shrines and temples in Japan. At Toshogu in Nikko I was a bit surprised to see barrels of whisky lined up. The kegs were staying dryer than I was in the snow storm.

Nikko Toshogu (日光東照宮)

日光東照宮 japan shrine stone lantern moss

There are Toshogu shrines all over Japan, but the one in Nikko is the granddaddy of them all.

Hatsumode (初詣)


Giant torii gate entrance at Toshogu Shrine in Nikko, Japan

The first visit to a shrine after the new year is called hatsumode. The shrines are packed for the first few days of a new year. I haven’t done hatsumode in Nikko, but I’m guessing it is pretty crowded. I have done hatsumode at Meiji Jingu twice and both times it was teeming with people.