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Pissing Rhino at the Ueno Zoo

Rhinoceros pissing tokyo japan

I did not realize that a rhinoceros can pee with more force than a fire hose. I suppose it is a good idea to not get behind one of these creatures.

Ueno Park Percussionist

上野 打楽器 street musician tokyo japan

This street musician packed all of his percussion instruments around on his bike (with no trailer). Here are a couple of short video clips of him testing things out and then performing for the ever-growing crowd.

Ueno Park’s Lotus Pond and Benten Shrine

ueno benten hall shrine park lotus pond 蓮の池 hasu no ike 不忍池

The Lotus Pond (蓮の池 or hasu no ike) in Ueno Park can be absolutely ugly (and smelly) for parts of the year, but in early July, when I took this photo, the lotus was at its peak. Benten Hall (弁天堂) can be seen in the middle of the Shinobazu Pond (不忍池).

It won’t be long before we, even those of us in the West, hear news reports about cherry blossom viewing in Ueno Park.

Kissing in Tokyo

National Museum of Western Art

Seeing people kiss in Tokyo, or anywhere in Japan, is a rather rare occurrence. Head over to Ueno in Tokyo, though, and you’ll be able to see not just any kiss but this rather famous one.

Several versions of Rodin’s sculpture can be found in the world. I’ve also seen “The Kiss” in Paris and a marble version in Copenhagen. The bronze version, pictured above, is more common.

Pondering Picasso

Japan - Tokyo - Ueno Park - National Museum of Western Art - Pablo Picasso - Couple

My random wallpaper today features me gazing at a Picasso that can be found at the National Museum of Western Art, a museum in Ueno Park that I visited in 1989 and then again in 2009 when this photo was taken.

Sudden Shower Over Ohashi Bridge

one hundred views of edo

I never tire of looking at Hiroshige and Hokusai ukiyoe. The internet and books just don’t do justice to seeing them on display in a museum. Today’s photo is from the Tokyo National Museum. This is from Hiroshige’s “100 Famous Views of Edo” series. The English translation is a bit strange as they call it the Ohashi Bridge. Hashi already means bridge so it is like saying the name of the bridge is the big bridge bridge.

I crossed the Sumdia River many times. The ukiyoe that I tend to like the most are the ones I have been to.

Here is the Van Gogh the above mentions:

van gogh bridge rain hiroshige

I must say I like the original much better. Van Gogh’s kanji aren’t so hot either.