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Bellevue Beach

Our third beach adventure in Denmark was to Bellevue Beach just north of Copenhagen. You could probably ride a bike there as it’s only about 10 miles north of the city center, but we took the train to Klampenborg Station. The beach can almost be seen from the station. It is a very short, 2-minute walk to the east from the train.

nude beach in denmark

You can see the Oresund Bridge, linking Denmark and Sweden, in the background of the above picture.

There was lots of nudity but I don’t think this is technically a “nude beach.” Most of the people there were young, but the naked people were mostly old–not a real pretty sight. I say nude, but it was mostly just topless individuals.

bellevue beach near copenhagen oresund sea

The beach itself was nothing special. The sand is better at Gilleleje. The crowds are usually smaller at Amager Strand. If you like a crowded beach, to people watch, or to be watched, then this is the beach for you. Otherwise, there are probably better choices on Zealand. What helped to make this beach special, though, are the things you can do nearby. Stay tuned to tomorrow’s entry for more on that subject.

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