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Inokashira flower viewing (井の頭のお花見)

duck boats on inokashira park kichijoji

Sakura reached its peak in most places in Tokyo on about the 5th of April. Unfortunately, most of the days during the first week of April were cloudy, cold, wet, or windy–usually a combination of two or more of those items. April 8th was beautiful (we took a bike ride to Yanaka on that day), and the 9th looked promising (although the sun never did come out).

We headed to Inokashira Park, near Kichijoji, as, according to our guidebook, the cherry blossoms bloom later there.

mandarin duck kichijoji

Besides cherry blossoms, there were ducks (a Mandarin Duck perhaps?), boats, shrines, forests, the Ghibli Museum, and lots of shopping down Kichijoji’s streets.


You could even get yourself some flower viewing cake (お花見のケーキ).

Above is a brief movie I took at Inokashira Park. You may notice some blossoms falling (花吹雪). It was the second day, of four straight, I was able to experience cherry blossom snow.

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