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Ellie’s Birthday Party girls

The only things you can count on in Japan are surprises. Ellie had her 12th birthday party a couple Saturdays ago at Yoyogi Park. It wasn’t a surprise party. Ellie invited 8 friends (from 6 different countries), and the party went off as planned.

Near the end a Japanese guy came up to the group and asked me if I spoke Japanese. He explained that he runs a website,, which is sort of like itunes, and would like to know if the girls would be willing to have their photos on the website for free t-shirts. Of course the aspiring models were willing.

yoyogi park girls tshirts itunes tokyo harajuku japan

One Response to “Ellie’s Birthday Party”

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    Gunn White:

    Great idea, and the models looks happy and very smart in their new t-shirts!

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