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Kishimojin in Ikebukuro 池袋の鬼子母神

hyomoji buddhist temple

On Kenpo Kinenbi (憲法記念日 or Constitution Day) I went on a bike ride to Oji (王子) via Otsuka (大塚), Ikebukuro (池袋), and a few other places. Along the way I stopped at Kishimojin in Ikebukuro. The name of this place is interesting I think.


The characters (read right to left) mean devil/demon, child, mother, god.

鬼子母神 ikebukuro japan

There is an inari shrine on the same grounds which can’t be adequately captured in a photo. The highlight between the torii gates is an enormous tree which is loaded with fresh, green leaves in May even though the tree itself is anything but fresh.

shinto inari jinja torii

According to the sign, this tree has been around for more than 600 years.

One Response to “Kishimojin in Ikebukuro 池袋の鬼子母神”

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    TM Cleland:

    Oh, I love Japan. I was just there recently, though I lived there when I was 19. I wish I could have that year and a half over with the perspective I have now.

    In any case, love the photos, and looking forward to seeing more.

    Cheers from California.