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Shinjuku ramen

street vendors

The streets on the west side of the Shinjuku Station come alive at night with office-less businesses. One is pictured above, a portable ramen shop. I was taking Ryan, on this evening, to catch a night bus. I was expecting there to be an office for the bus company at the address given, but there wasn’t. Instead, there were just some people on the street who check you in and then tell you which bus to get on.

On the train home from Shinjuku I captured a brief video between the Shinjuku and Shinokubo Stations. Another train seemed to be racing us. We stopped and it didn’t so we didn’t “win.” Check it out.

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    tsa locks:

    If you like those ‘ramen shops’ (we call it YATAI in Japanese)you should go to Fukuoka. They are very famous for those YATAI Ramen place. I think a place called Hakata has the best YATAI.