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2013 MLB Expert Predictions

A's WS years 1972 1973 1974 1989 2013

Oakland A’s World Series Champion years

The 2013 Major League Baseball post-season spots are all locked up and the “experts” have all been proven wrong yet again. The Washington Nationals are not going to the World Series (or even the playoffs!). Nor are the Anaheim Angels or New York Yankees. Other big spending teams that came up short are the San Francisco Giants, Philadelphia Phillies, and Toronto Blue Jays.

Nobody predicted that low-budget teams like the A’s and Pirates would make the playoffs, and yet here they are alive and well despite payrolls less than half many teams that didn’t make it to the postseason. The A’s payroll is less than a third of the Yankees or Dodgers even though the A’s have more wins than either of those teams. The A’s paid about half a million in player salaries per win while the Yankees forked over about $3 million for each victory. The Giants and Phillies won’t come close to winning half their games despite spending about $100 million more than the A’s or Pirates.

Let’s hope the Dodgers, Tigers, Red Sox, and other big spenders make a quick exit this post season.

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