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Gone fishing

Fountain of the Fishing Children

Buda Castle

Buda Castle

Széchenyi Chain Bridge

budapest buda castle chain bridge

Buda Castle in the distance across the Danube


The lion statues have been on the ends of the bridge since 1852.

Hot night in Budapest

budapest night hungary

Elisabeth Bridge over the Danube River from the Chain Bridge

#Budapest #Hungary #ElisabethBridge #Danube

159 years ago today …

Dohány Street Synagogue

#GreatSynagogue #DohányStreetSynagogue #TabakgasseSynagogue #Budapest #Hungary #HighlightsOfEasternEurope

… the Great Synagogue of Budapest (second largest in the world) opened its doors. The style is a mixture of Moorish, Byzantine, Romantic, Gothic, Jewish, and Christian elements–making it a most unusual and fascinating building.


Rotisserie chicken anyone?

Great vibe in this restaurant in Budapest (Pest side of Danube River). The food was excellent as well. Initially I thought someone’s phone kept chirping, but then I noticed a caged bird in the restaurant. Awesome.

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