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Fudoin on Koyasan

Fudoin on Koyasan


fudoin koyasan Asa-no-Otsutome

Morning service (asanootsutome) at a Buddhist temple on Koyasan

Temple Lodging (Shukubo)

 fudoin koyasan

Fudoin on Koyasan

I hadn’t done much research on Koyasan before spending the night there. I figured temple lodging would be rather rustic. On the contrary, the experience was lovely and luxurious.

Dinner for one

dinner for one at fudoin koyasan

Fudoin (Koyasan, Japan)

Today’s photo doesn’t show the garden I looked out on very well. For a better view of it, click here.

Koyasan’s Fudoin

fudoin koyasan japan


Today’s photo is a reverse angle of this prior one. That’s my room in the background.

Japanese-style futon (布団)

fudoin koyasan futon bed kaede room

Kaede room in Fudoin all ready for bed

After my fabulous dinner at Fudoin, I headed out for a night walk through Okunoin. When I returned the monks had made my bed. I sleep so much better in a futon than a western-style bed.

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