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St. John’s Church from Kyoto (1907)

Meiji Mura's St. John's Church from Kyoto 1907

Meiji Mura’s St. John’s Church (聖ヨハネ教会堂) from Kyoto (1907)

I was a bit surprised to find my random, desktop image of the day to be from Japan. But Meiji Mura is no ordinary place in Japan. At Meiji Mura you can find old buildings from all over Japan that have been moved to this location to continue to exist. Soon St. John’s Church will have spent more time in Meiji Mura than it did in Kyoto as it was moved to its current location in 1965.

Meiji Mura on Lake Iruka

inuyama meiji mura

明治村 入鹿池

First day of school

meiji mura school room

Japanese school classroom built in 1888 in Mie prefecture (三重県), now part of Meiji Mura

The school year begins in April in Japan.

Museum Wedding

meiji mura museum wedding st john's church kyoto

Meiji Mura’s “Museum Wedding” display in St. John’s Church (Inuyama, Japan — formerly in Kyoto)

Christian churches aren’t common in Japan. Those that exist tend to be tiny boxes or rented spaces. Recently, however, getting married in a fancy Christian church has become fashionable. In addition, people are willing to spend far more on weddings than on other goods and services. Therefore, (fake) Christian chapels have sprung up with the intent of hosting weddings, not church services.

Today’s photo comes from a real church, but a church that hasn’t been used for its original purpose in many decades. St. John’s Church was built in 1907 and designed by James McDonald Gardiner, an American Anglican church missionary who spent much of his life in Meiji Era Japan. The church was relocated from Kyoto’s Kawaramachi Street to Meiji Mura in 1963.

Now, if you have enough money, you can get married there.

The road to the 1885 Higashi-Yamanashi District Office

Higashi-Yamanashi District Office important cultural property Kusakabe-chou Yamanashi, Yamanashi-pref., built in 1885 meiji mura inuyama nagoya

Kurehaza (呉服座) interior

photomerge panorama Kabuki Theater Kurehaza 呉服座 Meiji Mura 明治村

Photomerged panorama of the interior Kabuki Theater known as Kurehaza (呉服座) currently on the grounds of Meiji Mura (明治村)

The exterior of this theater can be seen in my earlier post.

I wanted to sit, relax, and soak in the ambiance of this 19th Century theater, but one isn’t allowed in unless doing the tour. Once in, the tour began almost immediately so I fired these photos off in quick succession as my group headed to the stage. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to perfectly center myself or wait for the people to clear out of the way and make this photomerged shot showing more than 180 degrees of view more perfect.

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