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Am I Evil?

diamond head metal brew

Diamond Head @ 2016 Metal Brew

@_METALBREW_ @DH_Diamond_Head #metalbrew #metalbrew2016 @MetalMagicDK

In less than two months I will be off to Europe. Today I received the good news that I will be shooting Copenhell again (Slayer, System of a Down, In Flames, Ministry, Saxon, Opeth, Overkill, Carcass, Baroness, Myrkur, Candlemass, Batushka, etc.) I’ve yet to hear back from Roskilde Festival and Gefle Metal Festival.

Even though I thoroughly enjoyed the 2016 Metal Magic Festival, I wasn’t planning on going back because it’s a long and expensive train ride from Copenhagen, and I’m teaching in Copenhagen the Friday right in the middle of the festival. However, they just announced that Diamond Head will be on the bill! Now I’m torn.

If Diamond Head is playing on Thursday or Saturday AND at least two of the bands below are also playing on Thursday or Saturday, then I will probably make the trip for just that day.


Happy birthday, Brian Tatler!

brian tatler metal brew diamond head

Brian Tatler of Diamond Head @ 2016 Metal Brew

@_METALBREW_ @DH_Diamond_Head #metalbrew #metalbrew2016

Venom Inc @ Metal Brew


Demolition Man

@venom_inc @_METALBREW_ #metalbrew #metalbrew2016





Diamond Head @ 2016 Metal Brew (part 4)

diamond head metal brew dean ashton abbz

Diamond Head’s Abbz and new bass player Dean Ashton @ his debut performance @ Metal Brew 2016

@_METALBREW_ @DH_Diamond_Head #metalbrew #metalbrew2016

Fun interview with Brian Tatler soon after the Metal Brew show here:

When he talks about playing a song live for just the second time, he is talking about “Starcrossed” (from the “Death & Progress” album) which Diamond Head played live for the first time at Metal Brew.

Diamond Head @ 2016 Metal Brew (part 3)

metal brew diamond head brian tatler

Brian Tatler of Diamond Head (July 30, 2016)

@_METALBREW_ @DH_Diamond_Head

I first heard Diamond Head in the early 80s. They weren’t regularly played on the radio in the USA, but a DJ was trying to be cute and played Stairway to Heaven, Highway to Hell, Heaven and Hell, and To Heaven from Hell in that order. I remember this thirty-something years later because I was taping the radio and listened to those four songs dozens, if not hundreds, of times over the next few years on cassette.

A few years later Metallica covered not one, but four, Diamond Head songs. They also ripped off several Diamond Head riffs in songs that were Metallica “originals”. Once Metallica stopped covering Diamond Head in about 1987 Metallica turned into crap.

Anyway, I purchased Diamond Head’s “Borrowed Time” in Japan on CD in 1988, and have listened to it regularly ever since. I never dreamed I’d be seeing them from the front row in England three decades later. What a great time!

metal brew diamond head

Diamond Head setlist @ 2016 Metal Brew

Diamond Head @ Metal Brew (part 2)

metal brew diamond head

Karl Wilcox

@_METALBREW_ @DH_Diamond_Head @RawVocals

metal brew diamond head

Brian Tatler

Rasmus Bom Andersen diamond head

Rasmus Bom Andersen

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