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Happy birthday, Brian Tatler!

brian tatler metal brew diamond head

Brian Tatler of Diamond Head @ 2016 Metal Brew

@_METALBREW_ @DH_Diamond_Head #metalbrew #metalbrew2016

Flashback Friday

Necroskull of Witchsorrow @ 2016 Metal Brew Festival

@nick_ruskell @_METALBREW_ #metalbrew #metalbrew2016 #witchsorrow

Happy birthday, Rasmus Bom Andersen!

Diamond Head @ 2016 Metal Brew

@_METALBREW_ @DH_Diamond_Head #metalbrew #metalbrew2016 @RawVocals

Happy birthday Demolition Man!

Demolition Man of Venom Inc.

@venom_inc @_METALBREW_ #metalbrew #metalbrew2016

Metal Monday

tony dolan demolition man venom inc metal brew

Tony Dolan of Venom Inc. @ 2016 Metal Brew

@venom_inc @_METALBREW_ #metalbrew #metalbrew2016

Ascalon @ 2016 Metal Brew

ascalon metal brew

Ascalon @ Metal Brew


I’m not going to make this year’s Metal Brew. Instead, I will be in Sweden for Gefle Metal Festival 2017. But if you happen to be in England this weekend, Metal Brew is tons of fun. This year’s headliner is Grim Reaper.

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