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Palm House

kew gardens palm house indoor rainforest greenhouse-clear

Kew Gardens (London, England – July 2016)

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UK in 2021?

london kew gardens flower bee

Flowers and a bee in London’s Kew Gardens

I haven’t been to the UK since 2016, when today’s photo was taken. Getting into the UK, without a quarantine, right now is not easy. However, I can get a direct flight from the Faroe Islands (where I will be in July) to Edinburgh, Scotland and not have to quarantine at all since the Faroe Islands are a “green country” so there is a good chance I will find myself in Scotland for the first time this summer.



Happy birthday, Claude Monet!

Bathers at La Grenouillère Claude Monet london the national gallery

Bathers at La Grenouillère by Claude Monet in The National Gallery (London, England)

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Born on this day, 180 years ago…

From The National Gallery:

“During the summer of 1869, Monet and Renoir painted together at La Grenouillère, a slightly raffish resort on the river Seine some 12 kilometres west of Paris. It had become a popular weekend retreat from the city during the 1860s.

Monet made several oil sketches at the resort, including this picture, in preparation for a large painting of the site that he planned to exhibit at the Salon of 1870. Painted quickly and technically quite crude, these studies have a directness and immediacy that could not be achieved in the studio. Monet was painting what he saw, without any attempt to tidy up the scene. Rather than a documentary record of La Grenouillère, he presents a summary of his own experience of fleeting visual effects or impressions that changed moment to moment. As pictures in their own right, these sketches were an important step towards Impressionism.”

Lotus in the Kew


Four years ago today

metal brew sunset barnet rugby club

Barnet Rugby Club (UK)

@_METALBREW_ @DH_Diamond_Head #metalbrew #metalbrew2016

Magic, on so many levels, was in full effect as I walked back from the beer taps to the 2016 Metal Brew Festival. Diamond Head was about to hit the stage.