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Yoisammun Gate

Yoisammun Gate @ Chungjangsa (South Korea)



I wish I could tell you more about today’s photo. I know the location, and that’s about it. Anyone more knowledgeable about Korea want to chime in?

Five years ago today…

Another time and place

An epic hike it was, and one that I don’t think I could do again.

Another angle on Pungam Pavilion

Gwangju, South Korea - Mudeungsan National Park - Pungamjeong (풍암정)

For more on this place (풍암정), see my prior post.

Pungam Jeong

Pungam Pavilion between bolders

When I was in Korea several summers ago I did two walks through Mt. Mudeung National Park, each in different directions. On the first one I ended up at this rest stop, a lovely place along the river I was walking by. Mudeungsan (無等山) is known for its rocks, but you don’t have to be anywhere near the top to find some pretty cool-looking boulders like these.


mudeuengsan hike gwangju


Before going to Korea a few summers ago, I tried to learn some Korean. Nothing was sticking in my old brain. One of the few things I did pick up while there was this basic greeting. The day I mastered it was the day I took this photo. Along my ascent and descent of Mount Mudeung, everyone said it to me so I started saying it back. By the end of the day I had said it hundreds of times and it finally permanently stuck. That was all I could communicate to the man resting in today’s picture as I came upon him at this rest stop.