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TIS Cherry Blossom Fair

tokyo international school gym

A couple weeks ago Tokyo International School held their annual Cherry Blossom Fair. I’m not sure why they call it that as the cherry blossoms are gone by then. Maybe they usually have it a week earlier and didn’t want to change the name of the event this year.

The top photo is of one of the many games. This one was called Japanese Curling. The kids were a little disappointed that there were no sweepers, but it was a popular game anyway.

yakisoba teriyaki japan

The food booths were really good. Countries (and foods) represented included Japan (pictured above), USA, Egypt, Israel, France, Germany, New Zealand, Korea, and about five others.

minatoku tokyo skyscrappers japan taiko drumming

There was a taiko performance. Koinobori (鯉幟 or carp streamers) graced the outdoor activities.

sakura cherry blossom fair 2010

A clown/comedian/juggler/entertainer who called himself “Super Gaijin” can be seen in the above photo sporting a blue hat.

Ozeki Sumo vs. Tokyo International School kids

Just 12 more days until the March Sumo tournament begins in Osaka. Between tournaments various demonstrations are held. One was in February in Tokyo. Tokyo International School students and parents attended. We didn’t, as a demonstration didn’t sound that interesting after seeing the real thing. Plus, the tickets were expensive, and Ryan wasn’t willing to enter the ring with the professionals anyway.

Since I wasn’t there, I didn’t take today’s photos. Another TIS parent took these pics and did a fantastic job.

Ozeki Kotooshu (琴欧州) and Ozeki Kaio (魁皇) look like they are having a better time than the kids.

Kaio, by the way, has the most wins in the top division of any sumo rikishi in history.

Cambodia and Hiroshima

Terrace of the Elephants cambodia

My kids recently got back from week-long field trips to Cambodia and Hiroshima/Miyajima through Tokyo International School. I can’t really comment since I wasn’t there, but you can check out some of the photos that they took on their blog here.

My son tells me that the above picture is of the “Terrace of Elephants” in Angkor Thom. If you click on the photo to make it larger you can see that the rocks in the wall are somehow shaped to look like elephants.

Views from the top of Tokyo International School

tokyo international school tis

A couple days ago my kids began their school year as students at Tokyo International School. Beyond the track and field area is the school’s swimming pool.

aerial view buddhist cemetary tokyo japan

The school is four stories high and includes a playground on the roof. Also from the roof one can observe the Buddhist cemetery which sits right up tight next to the school. I don’t think I’ve seen one from this angle before.

basketball and hopscotch among the skyscrapers

On the roof, playing basketball or hopscotch between the skyscrapers is something us country bumpkins aren’t used to, but my kids will quickly adapt.

soccer and skateboarding five stories up on the roof

You can also play soccer (football) or skateboard on the roof, not your typical location for such activities.

flags in the gym

The school has students from over 40 countries, and no single country makes up more than 20% of the total so everyone is a minority. The gymnasium has flags from all represented countries hanging from the ceiling.

My daughter’s home room teacher is from Singapore. On one of their field trips they get to go to Hiroshima and Miyajima. My son’s home room teacher is from Australia and has taught in Thailand and other places around the world. On one of their field trips they are going to Cambodia. You can read about those trips after they happen here.