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Volbeat – Live from Telia Parken

Volbeat @ Medford Armory - Michael Poulsen


I’m planning on seeing Volbeat again next summer in Denmark with Anthrax.

So this beauty was just released today. Check out this video from here. I love Jon Larsen’s Sort Sol shirt.


volbeat medford armory

Volbeat @ Medford Armory (2014)


A little over two years ago, Volbeat played in Medford. This summer I’m planning on seeing them again in Sweden.

Last week a former student of mine had an asthma attack and after a few days died. The last time I saw him was at that Volbeat show in Medford.

Like children and parents, students aren’t supposed to die before their teachers. Yet this is the fourth or fifth student of mine, that I know of, who has passed.

My heart is heavy this Friday night.

brian kenyon volbeat

Brian Kenyon pouring beers at Volbeat

Happy Birthday to Michael Poulsen!

volbeat Michael Schøn Poulsen

Volbeat’s Michael Poulsen


Mr. Poulsen turns 40 today. Today’s photo is from the Medford Armory show just under a year ago.

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