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Three Sisters from Whychus Overlook

sisters whychus overlook three mountains

The third-, fourth-, and fifth-highest peaks in Oregon

We’ve spent the past several days in Bend. On Saturday we did about a 6-mile or so hike that included this view. The view actually was better later at a place called Peak View. We were the only people on the last couple miles of this loop trail.

Directions: Start at the Whychus Creek Trailhead parking area. The trail along the creek is lovely. Most people do it as an out and back. Hence, that trail can be rather crowded. Turn it into a loop, instead, by going to Whychus Creek Overlook (pictured above), then cross the highway at the Whychus Creek Overlook Parking area. From there take a mountain bike trail from point 34 to 29 on the map you’ll see at 34. 29 is Peak View. At 29 you can get off the mountain bike trail and onto a steep, but beautiful, trail down to the Whychus Creek Trailhead parking area. There are warnings about the steepness and difficultness of that section, but unless it’s icy you’ll be fine walking it. You wouldn’t want to be on a bike though.

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Paulina Plunge Waterfall

paulina creek falls plunge bend oregon

Paulina Creek Falls (Bend, Oregon)

My random, desktop image of the day is this one from five years ago.

I cringe when I look at the EXIF data on photos I took back then. The good news is I’ve learned from my mistakes.

Paulina Plunge Tour Waterfall

paulina plunge tour photos waterfalls bend oregon

Paulina Plunge Tour waterfall

A couple years ago we went camping with friends in Bend this time of year. We went on the Paulina Plunge Tour, and this was the view from the top of one of the waterfalls we encountered on the bike tour.

Paulina Plunge Waterfall

Paulina Plunge Tour Waterfall

Today’s photo is of the first waterfall we encountered on the Paulina Plunge Tour near Bend in August. It was the only waterfall we didn’t jump in.

Paulina Plunge Waterfall

I don’t know the name of this waterfall, but it was the last of several we visited on the Paulina Plunge tour we took last month near Bend, Oregon.

Bend mountain biking

Ellie said her favorite part of the Paulina Plunge Tour was the last three-mile downhill stretch.

Paulina Plunge

waterfall swim bend oregon

Ryan jumping in a waterfall on the Paulina Plunge tour

As previously mentioned, we had a little summer adventure in and around Bend, Oregon a couple weeks ago. The “Paulina Plunge Tour” had us hop in a bus at the Sun River Resort, drive a while, and be given a bike to begin things off. We rode about 6 miles (90%+ downhill) during the day and stopped at three waterfalls. Today’s photo is of Ryan jumping in at the base of the first waterfall.

Three Sisters

three sisters mountains oregon

Three Sisters from Bend, Oregon

We went camping in Bend, Oregon for a few nights earlier this month. As part of the “Paulina Plunge Tour” we ate lunch near this burned-out forest with a view of this set of three volcanic peaks called Three Sisters.

An old friend of mine, Nelson, enhanced this photo. If you like his work check out 1 of one photo.