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Fish Lake Resort

fish lake oregon

Happy family ready for their shakes and malts at Fish Lake

After the news from yesterday’s entry, we got in the car and drove back to Fish Lake in order to obtain those longed-for malts and shakes. Here we are perched on the deck of the Fish Lake Resort waiting for our orders with Fish Lake in the background. Thus ends this series on the trail between Lake of the Woods and Fish Lake.

Fish Lake

fish lake jackson county oregon

Fish Lake - Jackson County - Southern Oregon

If you are going round trip on the Lake of the Woods to Fish Lake trail (High Lakes Trail, about 15 miles round trip) then it doesn’t matter which lake you begin and end at in terms of difficulty. However, if you want to take it easy and are only going one way then the route from Lake of the Woods to Fish Lake, pictured above, is a bit easier since Fish Lake is a few hundred feet lower in elevation than Lake of the Woods. There is a bit of a summit in the lava rocks between the two so regardless of which lake you begin at you will be going mostly uphill initially and mostly downhill as you approach the other lake.

High Lakes Trail No. 6200

trail signs

Parking place for High Lakes Trail

This past week we went on a little family outing to the east of Ashland. We have done the trail from Lake of the Woods to Fish Lake before, but this was the first time we all made it for the entire round trip.

To avoid paying the $7 day-use fee by parking at one of the lakes, we parked at the sign pictured above which is approximately where the A is on the map below.

trail connecting lake of the woods and fish lake southern oregon

Biking trail map for Lake of the Woods

At this point we made a mistake and went to the right since the sign says Fish Lake is to the right. This does not put you on the High Lakes Trail (which is what you want if you are hiking or biking). Instead, it puts you on the Resort Trail which looks like an old car trail. The Resort Trail is anything but resort-like, and it eventually disappears, but not before you have to carry your bike over lots of fallen trees and ride over other rather difficult terrain. To avoid this pitfall, keep going down the road (to the left toward Brown Mountain Trail) in the top photo a bit (maybe 20 yards) and then hang a right on High Lakes Trail.

More photos and info to come in the next week…