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Mt. Shasta from the PCT

mt shasta from mt ashland pct-DeNoiseAI-standard

View from PCT on Mt. Ashland (September 2023)

Mt. Shasta from the PCT on Mt. Ashland

mount shasta from mt ashland pct

Pacific Crest Trail near 1711 (October 17, 2021)

Wonder Trail

Wonder Trail

Pepsi Trail

pinball pepsi ashland trail

I have ridden down the Pepsi Trail in the Ashland Watershed a couple of times, each time I vowed never to do it again. Although there is one good section, the rest is way too steep and rutted to be fun for someone like me. A few days ago I decided to ride it in the opposite direction, somehow thinking that would be better (on an electric-assist bike). Turns out, Pepsi is just as bad, if not worse, going uphill. Never again!

But the views (the one above from near the intersection with the Ashland Loop Road) are sometimes lovely.

Table Rock sunset hike

upper table rock southern oregon ashland medford hiking tips easy kids family

Last month we hiked up Upper Table Rock to watch the sun set. It’s not much of a hike really–more like a good walk. I’m not sure the exact distance we walked, but I doubt it was more than 5 miles including exploring the top. There is a bit of elevation gain on the way up, but it isn’t strenuous. In the summer you probably don’t want to do it in the afternoon or it will feel difficult from the heat. Go up in the morning or just before the sunset (with a flashlight for the way down) if you decide to visit on a hot day. Bring water.

Directions: To get to the Upper Table Rock trailhead from I-5 take the Central Point Exit 33 (just north of Medford and about 20 minutes north of Ashland), drive east on Biddle Road 1 mile, turn left on Table Rock Road for 5.2 miles to a curve, and then turn right on Modoc Road for 1.5 miles to the trailhead parking lot on the left. There is a sign as you approach Modoc Road so it is hard to miss.

Brown Mountain Trail

pacific crest trail brown mountain oregon

I walked on this trail late last summer for several hours and didn’t encounter a single person. It was wonderful.

Near Brown Mountain

southern oregon forest near brown mountain lake of the woods

Forest between "Lake of the Woods" and Brown Mountain - Southern Oregon

Today’s photo is from late summer of last year when I did the Brown Mountain Trail–a trail which doesn’t actually go up Brown Mountain at all.

Trails by Lake of the Woods


Bikes at the Pacific Crest Trail and High Lakes Trail junction

This may be the first photo of my “new” bike I’ve posted. I’ve been riding it for several months, and it wasn’t new when I purchased this Lefty Fork Cannondale. (I take that back. There is a prior photo here, but you can’t see much of the bike in it.)

At this point on the High Lakes Trail you have your choice of continuing to Lake of the Woods (to the right) or Fish Lake (to the left). You can also head to Brown Mountain Trail (which I need to do one of these days), or you can head perpendicular to this trail to go on the Pacific Crest Trail. The possibilities of adventure are not few.

High Lakes Trail No. 6200

trail signs

Parking place for High Lakes Trail

This past week we went on a little family outing to the east of Ashland. We have done the trail from Lake of the Woods to Fish Lake before, but this was the first time we all made it for the entire round trip.

To avoid paying the $7 day-use fee by parking at one of the lakes, we parked at the sign pictured above which is approximately where the A is on the map below.

trail connecting lake of the woods and fish lake southern oregon

Biking trail map for Lake of the Woods

At this point we made a mistake and went to the right since the sign says Fish Lake is to the right. This does not put you on the High Lakes Trail (which is what you want if you are hiking or biking). Instead, it puts you on the Resort Trail which looks like an old car trail. The Resort Trail is anything but resort-like, and it eventually disappears, but not before you have to carry your bike over lots of fallen trees and ride over other rather difficult terrain. To avoid this pitfall, keep going down the road (to the left toward Brown Mountain Trail) in the top photo a bit (maybe 20 yards) and then hang a right on High Lakes Trail.

More photos and info to come in the next week…