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Beats Antique @ Ashland Armory

beats antique historic ashland armory oregon

Beats Antique @ Historic Ashland Armory - January 24, 2012

100 Watt Mind (band)

Brynna Dean of 100 Watt Mind

Skyler Squiglio hundred watt mind

Skyler Squiglio on guitar for 100 Watt Mind

Skyler Squiglio Brynna Dean hundred watt mind

After Fates Medallion left the stage at Johnny B’s, we were treated with 100 Watt Mind.

Brynna Dean has some amazing pipes. I’ll try to get some more photos of 100 Watt Mind up soon.

I did some more video experimentation. Next gig I’ll have the video nailed.

Fates Medallion at Johnny B’s

fates medallion band ashland oregon

jordan batwinas

Mike Uzi Ulizzi

lemmy fates medallion aka mike ulizzi motorhead

Mike Uzi Ulizzi fates medallion johnny b's medford oregon

jordan batwinas

Mike Uzi Ulizzi

fates medallion

mike ulizzi

Last night I headed up to Medford to check out some bands at Johnny B’s. I was planning on arriving at 9:30 or so for Tenguska, but the SOU Raiders basketball game was very exciting so I stayed until the end (a victory over a higher ranked team!). I ended up arriving at Johnny B’s as Tenguska was moving their stuff off the stage after their set.

Next up were Fates Medallion.

I did some experimentation with the audio on my camera by adding an external mic (Sennheiser MKE 400). The audio on the video below came out far better than the internal mic on my Nikon D7000 so I was happy. Even right next to the speaker the sound is pretty good. I set the volume on the external microphone to – and the sensitivity on my D7000 to Low in order to obtain these results. I was so focused on the audio that the visual aspect of this video isn’t great. The lighting was very poor and people were in my way, but things are occasionally in focus. Next time I will be able to focus on the video since I finally have the audio settings down.

Merry Christmas!

snowman ornament

These pretty presents aren’t going to remain in their pretty, wrapped, under-the-tree state for much longer…

Christmas tree

santa claus ornament natural pine cones on christmas tree

Real pine cones on our Christmas tree this year!

As mentioned previously, we cut down our own tree this year. The best part of this year’s tree is it includes pine cones–real pine cones, still attached pine cones.

Atriarch (band)

Nick on bass for Atriarch

Tenguska opened for the band I really went to see on Thursday night, Atriarch.

atriarch johnny b's medford oregon

Atriarch's magic box - inside are the tools of distortion which can transport the careful listener into another realm

Brooks lights the ancient oak, filling the place with smoke before blackening his eyes with the ashes

Lenny on vocals for Atriarch

Brooks on guitar and Maxamillion on drums -- the drums were the only instrument that sounded anything like "normal"

Atriarch put on an incredible show. I only hope it isn’t the last time I get to experience the atmosphere they are able to create with their live performance.

Tenguska (band)

johnny b's medford oregon tenguska doom metal ashland rogue valley

Tenguska (doom metal band from Ashland, Oregon)

Tenguska @ Johnny B's in Medford, Oregon

You can’t see him in these photos, but the Tenguska drummer, Garrison Mau, dedicated their performance to David Grubbs, his best friend.

Haley Newell shoots for 3

Haley Newell

Haley Newell from behind the 3-point line for the Lady Raiders of SOU

SOU vs. Montreat College

angelica cahee haley newell southern oregon university women basketball

Another shot today from last week’s victory over Montreat College… Angelica Cahee and Haley Newell are on defense in this one.

SOU Women’s Basketball

nikon nikkor 85mm f/1.4 D lens indoor basketball gym photography

Josi McDermott

I tried out a new lens this past Tuesday at the Southern Oregon University women’s basketball game. The Nikon 85mm f/1.4 D produced the above result at an aperture of 1.4 and a shutter speed of just 1/1250 of a second (an exposure time I’m not used to indoors with gym lighting). I didn’t even need to bump the ISO up very high to get that kind of shutter speed. This is at an ISO of 800. Needless to say, I’m very happy with the results. The isolation and sharpness of the subject, while leaving the background in a state of creamy bliss, is just what I was hoping for.

Click on the photo for an even larger view to see just how sharp Josi was captured.