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Nine years ago today…

stoneburner pdx ashland oregon club 66 topaz denoise ai-low-light

Stoneburner @ Club 66 (May 2013)

I miss Stoneburner, and I miss Club 66. Those were some good times.

Happy birthday, Jesse McKinnon!


There are few things in life that I miss more than a Stoneburner gig.

Two years ago…

damon kelly


…this happened.

Numinosum @ Johnny B’s

medford ashland oregon Jonathon Mckinnon Numinosum Johnny B's

Jonathon McKinnon of Numinosum

I’m hoping Numinosum’s show at Johnny B’s a few nights ago wasn’t a one-off kind of deal.

NUMINOSUM Jesse McKinnon Johnny B's

Jesse McKinnon @ Johnny B’s (7/17/14)

Stoneburner, Club 66, next week, be there

stoneburner art club 66

Stoneburner art on wall @ Club 66

Need more details? Click here.

Stoneburner to return to Club 66

stoneburner pdx ashland oregon club 66 damon kelly

Stoneburner @ Club 66

Stoneburner will make their triumphant return to Ashland (Club 66) on August 18. This time they are bringing more friends, including Usnea, Bastard Feast, and Worthless Eaters. Things should kick off at 8 p.m. Arrive a bit early and Uzi will make you dinner.

jesse mckinnon stoneburner pdx ashland oregon club 66

Stoneburner @ Club 66

Jesse McKinnon stoneburner pdx ashland oregon club 66

Also playing with Ritual of War and Burials a couple weeks ago was Stoneburner. Stoneburner should do a monthly show at Club 66.

bolt thrower damon kelley stoneburner pdx ashland oregon club 66 kelly

elijah stoneburner pdx ashland oregon club 66 custom gibson sg guitar chrome

Elijah’s custom chrome SG guitar was stolen soon after this pic was taken. If you see it, let me know.

jason stoneburner motorhead pdx ashland oregon club 66

stoneburner pdx ashland oregon club 66 jesse mckinnon

damon neurosis stoneburner pdx ashland oregon club 66 scott kelly

Stoneburner returns to Southern Oregon

damon kelly stoneburner pdx medford

Stoneburner’s Damon Kelly

Stoneburner, Burials, and Ritual of War will be playing at Club 66 in Ashland this Thursday evening (5/30/13).

More Stoneburner (PDX) pics

stoneburner pdx johnny b's damon kelly

Stoneburner will be playing Club 66 in Ashland on May 30, 2013.

elijah boland stoneburner pdx johnny b's gibson sg cherry

Today’s pics are from their show on March 16 at Johnny B’s.

stoneburner pdx johnny b's Scott Kelly Neurosis

damon kelly stoneburner pdx johnny b's

Stoneburner @ Johnny B’s

stoneburner johnny b's pdx medford oregon

I have never seen a crowd at Johnny B’s anywhere near as large as last night’s Stoneburner gig. Hopefully, they play Club 66 next time so that more people can actually see them.

They played a couple of new tunes to kick things off and the new songs are incredible. I’m really looking forward to their next release.