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New Year’s festivities in Japan

Shimekazari japan new year door hanging

We are back from Thailand, just in time for Japan’s biggest holiday, New Year (正月). We plan on going to Zojoji (増上寺) Temple, near Tokyo Tower, to do the New Year Countdown. If you see on TV balloons being let go in front of Tokyo Tower then think of Ellie as being the one who let them go. 😉

Tokyo is very peaceful at the moment (especially compared to Thailand) as most businesses are closed and many people have split town for the next 5 days to a week. Most doors have some sort of New Year’s decoration on them. These are called shimekazari (注連飾り). The one above I couldn’t even see before my flash went off, but I was sure Mrs. Uchida would have one.

正月 shimekazari japanese new years decoration

Above is one more close up.

We didn’t want to be the only ones without something on their door so we put up a poster provided by our friendly, neighborhood Nishi Waseda Culture Association. 2010 is the year of the tiger.

case's front door on new year's eve tokyo japan

And now back to our Thailand trip…

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    Happy New Year to you and your family! Thank you for presenting the wonderland Japan with so wonderful photography.

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    Ken and Jolene:

    Happy New Year, Cases! We miss you but thanks for sharing your adventure. . .great pictures. . .as usual. . ken