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Shinjuku on a clear day from Waseda University

I have finally figured out how to take this shot. How many times have you wanted to take a picture of someone indoors in front of a bright, outdoor background only to have one of the following three things happen?

1) Person comes out OK; background is completely white
2) Background comes out OK; person is completely black
3) Flash bounces off window making the background look like it just got sucked into a wormhole

I have had the above three items occur on many an occasion. Through trail and error and error and error… I have found the solution. First, make sure your flash is on. You may even need to force it to flash. Second, focus on outside target. Third, move so that you are not directly pointing camera at outside window anymore. (i.e., you should become more parallel to the window than your initial perpendicular focus required in the second part above) Finally, center the picture between the outside and your person and take the picture.

The outside should look good as it was your focus. The flash should not hit the window since your camera is no longer directly pointing at the window. Your person should also look good as the flash lightened them up.

By the way, this is Ellie on the 14th floor of a building on the Waseda University campus with the Shinjuku skyscrapers in the background.

2 Responses to “Shinjuku on a clear day from Waseda University”

  1. 1

    Fabulous photo! Ellie is such a cutie too! Thank you for writing out the way to take such a photo…I have taken notes! Thank you again!

  2. 2

    Indeed, Ellie is so beautiful !

    By the way, studying in Japan must be very nice.
    I begun loving Japan by reading and watching mangas & animes.